Email Hosting

As your business grows, empower your employees with this affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange®

If you're doing business online, you need a professional and full-featured email platform, WebmailOX. 123's professional email solutions are designed to grow with your business. From individual mail accounts to professional mail solutions with employee collaboration and knowledge sharing tools. Empower your employees with the resources and technology to effectively collaborate in today's workplace. You'll be in full control of not only your email addresses, but also your domain. Manage zones, create subdomains, and redirect your domain to anywhere else on the web.

Business Email Hosting

Perfect solution for your clients who want a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Exchange®.

  • Collaboration tools
  • Up to 2 GB mailbox storage quotas
  • Host up to 50 email accounts
  • Anti-virus & anti-spam
  • 1 GB online file storage
  • Secure webmail interface


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Email accounts 1 50 30
Individual mailbox size 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Collaboration tools (shared calendar, contacts, tasks, documents) no no yes
Online file storage no no yes
Document view & online editing no no yes
Email archiving no no yes
Secure webmail interface yes yes yes
Anti-spam, anti-fraud & anti-virus yes yes yes
Email forwarding no yes yes
Social media integration yes yes yes
Quick-view portal yes yes yes
SMTP, IMAP & POP support yes yes yes
Redirection (cloaked or uncloaked) no yes yes